By | September 13, 2008

Users do not “belong” to either profiles or territories. Profiles and Territories are set up to reflect the structure of your organization. Users are then assigned a profile and home territory depending on their position in the organization.

Security Profile: A profile is a way of grouping users when defining access rights (View, Update, Insert and Delete). If you would like to assign certain security rights to the particular group of users then you can create a profile and then define the rights.

For example, you can create a profile called Profile1. Within the profile you define the rights to View, Update, and Insert entities like Companies, People, Communications and Opportunities, but View-only rights to Cases. This profile can then be assigned to the user, rather than setting up individual rights per user. Any changes that need to be made to the profile will automatically apply to all users assigned to this profile.

Security Territory: In addition to basic access rights profiles, we can also further divide user rights by territory. Territories are the means of defining the securities on the basis of region.

For example, if you want to enable users in the East territory to view all Opportunities within the West territory, but not to be able to update them then it possible by defining the securities on a territory.

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