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Disable find screen Hyperlink on recent List of Sage CRM

In today’s rapidly growing world of technology, people tend to look out for features within a system that would help with the output with less number of actions and a quick response time. The bigger the process flow to get a desired output, the more the time consumed. By keeping the main focus on this… Read More »

Manage the size of the Recent List

Sage CRM has always been proved very much flexible to incorporate various business needs with an ease. We have seen a lot of posts where we can achieve different requirements with simple configurations. This blog explains one such trick for CRM’s Recent list, which is helpful for CRM users to find their favorites easily accessible.… Read More »

Delete Recent List item in CRM

In Sage CRM we have an option to view the records we have recently visited using Recent button. When we delete a record in the custom entity the instance from the recent list is also deleted. But has anybody come across the below error in CRM when accessing a record from Recent List. This error… Read More »