Manage the size of the Recent List

By | November 21, 2014

Sage CRM has always been proved very much flexible to incorporate various business needs with an ease. We have seen a lot of posts where we can achieve different requirements with simple configurations. This blog explains one such trick for CRM’s Recent list, which is helpful for CRM users to find their favorites easily accessible.
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While working on Sage CRM, I used to find it very disturbing when I needed to search for a record which I recently updated through a long list of Recent tab. I needed to control the size of recent list so as to view only last five records recently updated by me.
I was thinking whether there is any setting in CRM through which I can control this and achieve my task? And yes, it was available. I found a very nice and simple solution in Administration area of CRM which served my purpose. We can specify the size of the recent list by defining value of “Recent List Length” field in System Behavior settings. Please refer below given steps to do this:
1. Login into Sage CRM.
2. Go to Administration || System || System Behavior.
3. Click on change button.
4. Change value of “Recent List Length”. By default as well as its maximum value will be 40. Refer below screenshot.
5. Save the changes and perform METADATA Refresh.
6. Log off then login into CRM. Changes will be reflected.
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