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Cross Territory Sales In Sage CRM

In todays business world Sales Management Process plays a vital role. Sage CRM is one of the players in market who has made available a well organized way to deal with a Sales process using Leads and opportunities in CRM. It has also provided efficient way to integrate CRM and ACCPAC ERP to maintain the… Read More »

Territory Profiles Issue in CRM

Territories and Territory profiles are the salient features provided by Sage CRM. These functionalities are most important in order to handle the data security worldwide as per the organizational structures. As we all know that Territory profiles are used to handle the access rights. We can create profile, set access rights for the primary entities… Read More »

Territory Caption Update – For SageCRM Developers

Not sure whether anybody has observed this.. Sometime ago in the territory customization we came across one very strange functionality in CRM version 6.1. This seems to be occurring from patch H onwards. This is moreover related to the developer perspective than that of the User. You know that you can create new Territory in… Read More »

Can we set the Company territory field value to the Current logged in user's Territory instead of the default?

We all know that Territory (comp_secterr) field appears as a selection field on the Company Entry screen while creating a new company, but actually this field is not of type Selection. If you will see the field type for this field by firing following query at back-end Select ColP_EntryType From Custom_Edits Where Colp_ColName=‘Comp_SecTerr’ you will… Read More »

Small, but usefull Territory concept….

Does anyone come up with Assigned To security function which is dependent on user’s profile? Let’s assume, if there is Territory structure defined as East, West and Central. By Default, users from East can view the data that belongs to East territory and same is the case for West and Central territory users. Now, suppose… Read More »