Promote Customers by Integrating with GUMU™ Sage Intacct and Sage CRM

By | October 24, 2018

In our previous blog , we had discussed about various GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage Intacct Integration features like Import CustomerUser Permission Settings, and Synchronize Dropdown, etc. In this blog, we will go through the feature of Promoting Customer from Sage CRM to Sage Intacct.

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To promote a new Customer from Sage CRM to Sage Intacct, user will have to follow below steps –

1. Create new company in Sage CRM.
2. Fill all the details on Company summary screen along with Company for which user have integrated Sage CRM with Sage Intacct.

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3. Enter Address and Person details and check Sage Intacct Type checkbox.
Note – If user do not select Sage Intacct type checkbox then that address and person will not get created/promoted into Sage Intacct.
4. Enter details of Phone and Email section of Company and Person level. Phone/Email data will gets promoted on the basis of setting done by user in GUMU Configuration screen for Update Phone/Email from field.
5. Save the Customer details. This will create customer in Sage CRM.
6. Once Customer is saved, click on Sage Intacct Customer tab. Select the values for other fields like Terms Code, Tax Group, etc. User will be able to see Promote Button. Click on that Promote button. Once customer is promoted you will receive message that it is successfully promoted. If there are any errors then it will be display on the screen.

7. If a customer is promoted successfully to Sage Intacct, then the system will return success message along with the customer number as shown in below screenshot.