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Boosting Your Business: Exploring Sage Intacct SDK for Custom Apps and Integrations

In the constantly changing world of business, being able to customize solutions to meet specific needs can make a significant difference. Sage Intacct, a powerful financial management solution, takes customization to new heights through its Software Development Kit (SDK). In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how the Sage Intacct SDK can revolutionize your business operations… Read More »

Post and Pay Specific Line of Invoice in Sales Commission

In our previous blog posts, we have explored various features of our Sales Commission application. In this blog, we will discuss the “post and pay” functionality for specific invoice lines. One scenario in which the application can be particularly helpful is when a company wants to post and pay commissions for specific invoice lines only.… Read More »

Unlocking the Power of Sage Intacct with Greytrix – Your Trusted Implementation & Consultation Partner

Are you tired of juggling multiple financial systems and accounting reports? Say hello to Sage Intacct – a world-class cloud ERP that simplifies business processes and provides real-time data visibility. And when it comes to Sage Intacct implementation, consultation, and expert support, Greytrix is a reliable partner for businesses of all sizes. We’re a top-tier… Read More »

Use of Commission Structures in Sales Commission

Sales Commission application of Greytrix for Sage Intacct is a powerful application built using the platform services and It helps to achieve better efficiency and save time in calculating commission, excluding tedious work of manual commission calculation. In this blog, we are going to discuss about how to use commission structure through various ways to… Read More »

Commission Levels in Sales Commission

The Sales Commission application of Greytrix for Sage Intacct assists users to automate commission processing. It helps to simplify commission tracking and ensures accurate commission calculations and payments as it has no manual intervention. Based on entered structure, commissions are calculated on sales transactions. Using the Sage Intacct, users can easily do the commission calculations… Read More »

Sage Transform 2022 – An Insight into What to Expect from Greytrix!

We feel thrilled and excited as we announce that Sage Transform 2022 is just a few weeks away!  This grandiose event will be held from 10th-14th October 2022. Last year, the event was held in a little different way, where attendees were given the option to either be present in person or virtually. But, this… Read More »

Default Checkbook Payment type And Threshold Amount

Earlier, we gave you an introduction to GUMU™ for Sage Intacct – Checkbook Integration along with using the preferable method type such as Digital Checks, ACH Direct deposits, and Paper Checks on the Vendor screen and proceed with the payments. In this blog, we are discussing the Default Checkbook Payment type and Threshold Amount feature… Read More »

Introduction to Currency Converter

Currency Converter provides the spot rate, as it more accurately mimics the rate that you would be charged if you were exchanging money. We are using Oanda as an Exchange Rate service. It is a seamless combination of a cloud accounting solution and an international money transfer solution that brings together sales and currency conversion,… Read More »

Introduction to Sage Intacct – Avalara Integration on Tax Calculation

TAX CALCULATION The integration will be established which will sync sales transactions from Sage Intacct to Avalara. Tax will be calculated in Avalara; summarized tax will be updated back into Sage Intacct. Native integration works on a post of sales transactions in Sage Intacct. After-tax calculation; tax amounts and rates are updated at line level.… Read More »

Sage Intacct – Treez Integration

In this blog, we have elaborated how Tickets in Treez integration into Sage Intacct as a GL entry. In addition, multiple dimensions like Ticket, Sales Amount, Discount, Sales Tax, Item and Payments are tagged in the GL Entry. Further ahead in this blog, we have shared a descriptive detail along with screenshots to put some… Read More »