Sage Intacct Sales Commission: Cashing in Sales and Boosting Growth!

By | April 3, 2020

Sales Commission as the name suggests is the percentage from the value of the total or individual sales that an employee receives as an incentive additional to the base salary. Different enterprises have different sales commission structure depending on the type of industry they operate, goods or services. While at one time a planned commission structure can boost sales and productivity, on the other hand the absence of a commission structure can affect the team dynamics and will introduce budget challenges into the system. Greytrix Sales Commission addon for Sage Intacct allows users to define commission rules and automate timely commission payments on sales transactions.

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What is the need of a Sales Commission?

Sales representatives form an essential link to the overall growth of the organization. Timely payments ensure more sales as employees are encouraged to perform. A clear compensation plan will make the commission structure easier to implement and reduce manual errors. Employers need to consider multiple factors for planning a sales commission like budget, sales output, targets, acquiring new customers, profit margin etc. which can be a tedious task and give rise to an error prone commission calculation.

Sales Commission Add-on for Sage Intacct

Why is Sage Intacct Sales Commission the best fit for my organization?

Greytrix Sales Commission addon for Sage Intacct allows users to automate payments reducing the errors in commission calculation and saving their time and money. It ultimately helps in boosting the morale of sales employees. It assists businesses in setting up the complex commission structure on multiple criteria. The addon provides ability for adjustments, clear reporting, tracking and processing commission payments on time with key reports. The Sales Commission module for Sage Intacct helps in detecting any change in the underlying data or values which is reflected in dashboards thus, helping in identifying fluctuations in key business metrics as soon as they happen without having to wait for daily or weekly reports.

To free enterprises from operational inefficiencies – Greytrix, a Premier Sage Development partner for 21+ years, brings its expertise by providing a tailored Sage Intacct addon. The Sales Commission addon by Greytrix offers:

  • Native Application: Greytrix Sales Commission addon for Sage Intacct is a native application built using Sage Intacct Platform Services.
  • Application Integrations: Sales Commission app for Sage Intacct is integrated with Accounts Receivable and Order Entry modules. Commission expenses are tabulated into General Ledger. 
  • Flexible Commission Structure: Most of the businesses have complex commission structures involving multiple product lines and services. Greytrix Sales Commission provides flexibility in setting up the complex commission structure to suit business requirements. 
  • Commission Structures and Rules: Setup sales representative or agents using standard Employee screen. Commission type can be setup through commission structure by grouping items or services provided to buyers.
  • Commission Calculations and Adjustments: Accurately calculate the commission on sales transactions posted from Order Entry or Accounts Receivable modules.  Users can further adjust the commission negatively or positively giving them the ability to make any adjustments after system calculates the commission.
  • Commission Posting and Payment: Commission transactions are posted to desired GL accounts and can be tracked on standard reports and users can restrict commission payment on only paid invoices.
  • Reports and Dashboards: Track commission on invoices by getting details on commission calculated on sales amount. Track commission earned by employees on sales transactions.  Easily trace commissions paid to employees.

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