Filter Real-time details in Sage ERP 100 ERP

By | December 13, 2017

Our GUMU™ SAGE ERP Integration for Salesforce (Sage 100, Sage X3 and Sage 300) is a real-time bi-directional link. Using GUMU™ user can sync data between Salesforce to Sage ERP and vice versa. Here, in this blog, we will discuss how to Filter Customer Realtime details.

To view real-time ERP details, you can get the details on this Blog link.

Please follow the below steps to view the real-time ERP details.
-> Open an Account in Salesforce which is imported from Sage 100. An imported Customer will have a Customer number field which is a link to view the details of the Customer.
-> Click on ERP Details button or on the Customer No. link.

Sales Order along with its Line Items:

You can view the Order Inquiry details by selecting a particular integrated customer and navigating to the Sales Order tab. Here you can see the Filter section where you can filter the Sales order Real-time list by Order type.

–> Select the Order Type and Click on “Filter” Button.

Filtered List will appear in the Orders Grid.

Filter Order by Document Type

Filter Order by Document Type

AR Inquiry:
Similarly, you can view the Filter section on AR inquiries for an integrated Customer. On AR Inquiry Filter section you can filter the list based on “Invoice Type” and “Invoice Number”.

Here “Invoice Type” is a drop-down list and “Invoice Number” is a text field.

Filter Invoice by Document Type

Filter Invoice by Document Type

Select the Invoice type Listed in Drop down and click on Filter section According to the “Invoice Type” the List is Filtered.

Also, you can type the “Invoice Number” in the textbox and Click on “Filter” button the List is filtered with the Particular Invoice Number entered in the “Invoice Number” text box.

Filter by Invoice Number

Filter by Invoice Number

Note: All the real-time details will be displayed only for Accounts linked with Sage 100 Customers.

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