Your favorite GUMU™ Sage ERP integration now works on Salesforce Lightning Components!

By | July 24, 2019

Greytrix– a Sage Champion Development Partner, is a one stop solution provider for Sage ERP and Sage CRM needs. We continuously evolve with your feedback which helps us in enhancing both the product and the process of the project team. Thank you for choosing GUMU™ Integration as your preferred integration framework for Salesforce – Sage ERP (Sage 100 US, Sage X3, Sage 300) and making it a 5- star rated product on Salesforce AppExchange.

We are glad that your favorite GUMU™ Sage ERP integration now works on Salesforce Lightning Components with latest product enhancements!

Salesforce Sage Integration

What is Lightning Components framework and what is it used for?

Organizations nowadays constantly struggle to keep to terms with the ever increasing Customer demands arising due to the latest technological trends. Constant change is expected from enterprises to enhance the user experience which involves upgrading the UI with simple and strategic components. The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing apps and to customize your Salesforce org in a number of different ways. It is a modern framework with dynamic, responsive user interfaces which uses JavaScript on the client side and Apex on the server side. It helps in creating business ready components and make them available in the Lightning experience. Salesforce app users access the components via the navigation menu wherein you can customize the users Lightning experience. The users can also publish the components and share them with other users.

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GUMU™ Sage Integration – Salesforce Lightning Components: Unlocking business value with digital transformation

Greytrix is proud to announce that the GUMU™ integration now includes new features that gives users more edge in their day to day business processes and enhanced user experience. These features have been incorporated with the use of Lightning Component technology. The GUMU™ integration Lightning experience provides multi device accessibility thus, enabling information regarding critical data on the go. So what is it that makes GUMU™ Sage integration – Salesforce Lightning Components unique from other web app frameworks? The features of this distinctive combination are listed below:

  • Cross device compatibility: Cross device compatibility ensures that your system works with the widest possible user base. It enables users to work with out of the box functionalities that operate seamlessly with desktop, mobiles or tablets.
  • Quote to order generation: With the GUMU™ Sage integration – Salesforce Lightning Components, users can utilize the Standard Opportunity/ Quote workflow to push data to Sage ERP. The Quote to order generation cycle can be tracked and users can now promote the generated quote in Salesforce to Sage 100 ERP system as well as convert and promote corresponding Order from Salesforce to Sage 100 ERP system. After an opportunity turns into a lead, the order is created including the final Quote with the help of ‘Generate Order’ button.
  • Bi-directional sync: Bi-directional sync enables users to access the datasets in both the systems while maintaining a consistent real time view. In the GUMU™ Sage integration for Salesforce Lightning components, this feature is available in both Promote and Real-Time Update functionality with user defined mapping.
  • Enhanced user experience: GUMU™ Sage integration – Salesforce Lightning Components provides you quick access to navigate between the elements in the Lightning component bundle and make them available in Salesforce.

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With the GUMU™ data exchange framework now being operational in Salesforce Lightning Components, all the integration features can be accessed through the Salesforce1 mobile app. Thus, offering a cohesive integrated information system that makes decision making easier and efficient with reliable data. Greytrix with a track record of proven success with industry leaders addresses the specific industry requirements with customized features according to the latest trends. Greytrix data exchange framework GUMU™ facilitates rapid data movement and provides a comprehensive Business Management solution designed to keep your Total Cost of Ownership low by supporting multiple technologies, databases and operating systems. 

 Don’t miss the chance to transform your business monumentally by GUMU™ Salesforce CRM Integration for Salesforce Lightning Components!

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