Salesperson Mapping functionality in GUMU™ with Sage 100 ERP – Part 3

By | July 23, 2019

In our previous blogs, (Salesperson mapping functionality in GUMU™ with Sage 100 ERP) we discussed about how a user can assign salesperson and how we can change the owner of the account.

In this blog (which is part 3 of the series) we will be explaining how changing the “Record Owner” value in Salesforce with an Owner that’s not mapped affect the update to “Salesperson” value in Sage 100 ERP Customer record.

Please make sure that you have pre-mapped a few Salesforce user to the Sage ERP Salesperson.

Repeat the same steps for changing the “Account Owner” as stated in our previous blog.

Now suppose that user selects the a “Record Owner” which is not mapped with any Sage ERP Salesperson. The record will get saved, but what will be the impact on the record in Sage (100) ERP. For that let’s get into the Sage system.

GUMU Settings

As seen there is no changes to the Salesperson field on Customer record in Sage 100 ERP since the Account Owner we selected was not mapped with any Salesperson, so in that case GUMU doesn’t updates the Salesperson field value. Since to maintain a Customer in Sage 100 ERP Salesperson number is a required value.

Now since we have changed the account owner in Salesforce and it doesn’t effect the Salesperson in Sage 100 but it does show an error (informational) message in Salesforce through which we get a clear idea why was the Salesperson value was not being changed in Sage 100 ERP.

Select Integration

Last Sync Message:-
This field helps users in viewing the information of the real time update regarding the status of a particular Account in Salesforce.
For e.g.: In the above image there is no salesperson being mapped to the corresponding account owner therefore the last sync message throws an error that Salesperson number is required. This message is passed on from Sage ERP to Salesforce which let users know about the real time update of particular account.

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