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Easily Creating Force.com sites

Force.com sites enables developers to build and deploy public web sites /web applications. It supports for custom pages using Visualforce, JavaScript, CSS. Also, it supports both authenticated and public websites. All the objects are accessible in force.com sites so that we can display any information. Steps to create Force.com sites:- -> Create Force.com Domain First,… Read More »

Public Access Settings in Salesforce

In one of the previous blog we discussed how to create a Force.com Site, it is important to note that guest user licenses are required for force.com sites. Enterprise/Unlimited license Org are allowed to create up to 25 sites hence the 25 guest user licenses. Guest users have no password, no role and have no… Read More »

Transform your business with our innovative Salesforce integrated solutions! Meet us @Sage Summit 2016 – Booth No: 1203

Ignite your passion for the largest business event of small and medium enterprises Sage Summit 2016! The aura is simply exhilarating! Be amongst the one, who have taken the smartest step to be a part of this event and witness a paradigm shift in your business. Hear from industry titans Sir Richard Branson and Stephen… Read More »