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How to Create Custom field in Salesforce using postman REST API

In this blog will show you how to How to Create Custom field in Salesforce using postman REST API. For this blog we take Opportunity object as reference. Firstly, you have to create connected app in Salesforce. Now let’s See How to Create Custom field in Salesforce using postman REST API. Before start take note… Read More »

Salesforce Platform Events – What are they & how to use

While there are tons of documentation highlighting about platform events and their use cases there are even trailhead modules, recently we came up with the question that how should someone be able to tell a Salesforce rookie what a platform event is? Yes, it’s a platform-based notification system which can help orchestrate a proper integration… Read More »

Creating SObject Dynamically by Using Id

While working on one of our projects, we faced a challenge where we were supposed to create the object, already existing in the database, dynamically from just an “Id”. We had no information other than the Id field of the record. We can use the functions of SObjectType class to create the instance of a… Read More »

Public Access Settings in Salesforce

In one of the previous blog we discussed how to create a Force.com Site, it is important to note that guest user licenses are required for force.com sites. Enterprise/Unlimited license Org are allowed to create up to 25 sites hence the 25 guest user licenses. Guest users have no password, no role and have no… Read More »

Custom Settings in Salesforce – Part 1

Salesforce introduced a feature Custom Settings for salesforce in its Winter’10 release which allows users to store custom data sets and associate them on an org-wide, profile or user basis. Custom Settings are similar to Custom Objects. In the same way that we create fields for custom objects, we need to create our own custom… Read More »

Make Custom Object available for Salesforce Report

While working with reports in Salesforce, we wanted to create a custom object report in salesforce. While trying to do this, we were unable to find the custom object in the Report Type Section. The solution is that we need to select the “Allow Reports” option in the Custom Object definition for that custom object.… Read More »

Assign custom object permissions to Standard User in Salesforce

One of the key tasks of Salesforce administrator is to assign custom object permissions to the standard Users in salesforce. One can simply assign a user with administrator rights and can avoid the trouble of assigning privileges to different user groups. However, this would mean providing users with unrestricted access, which could potentially lead to… Read More »