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Easily Creating Force.com sites

Force.com sites enables developers to build and deploy public web sites /web applications. It supports for custom pages using Visualforce, JavaScript, CSS. Also, it supports both authenticated and public websites. All the objects are accessible in force.com sites so that we can display any information. Steps to create Force.com sites:- -> Create Force.com Domain First,… Read More »

Transform your business with our innovative Salesforce integrated solutions! Meet us @Sage Summit 2016 – Booth No: 1203

Ignite your passion for the largest business event of small and medium enterprises Sage Summit 2016! The aura is simply exhilarating! Be amongst the one, who have taken the smartest step to be a part of this event and witness a paradigm shift in your business. Hear from industry titans Sir Richard Branson and Stephen… Read More »

Duplicate Data Management in Salesforce

We all are aware of the need of clean and accurate data for any organization and how these duplicates make our life hell, no matter which industry or vertical we belong to. Take an example, you are looking for a specific record and you browsed to the respective tab, say, employees. When you filter the view,… Read More »

Dreamforce 2015 – Embark on the Journey of Sage ERP on Salesforce Cloud

After an unforgettable Sage Summit 2015 at NOLA our event team now moves on to Dreamforce 2015 (#DF15) – Dreamforce is an event which you would never want to miss. Four packed days starting from Sep 15 to Sept 18 in San Franciso this year, will impact and inspire attendees from all the corners of… Read More »

Set controller variable/properties from JavaScript

Sometimes we need to pass values to apex code or assign the controller properties in JavaScript. Here is the trick that we can use to set a value to an apex variable/properties from JavaScript code using <apex:inputTextarea>  tag in Visualforce Page. <apex:inputTextarea id=”setDataStringValue” value=”{!setDataStringValue}” styleClass=”exampleDataToSetVariable” style=”display:none;”/> We will set the value ‘data’ in JavaScript function… Read More »