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How to fix the Null list index error on the Real-Time Inquiry screen in GUMU™

This blog aims to provide a solution to fix the Null list index error on the Real-Time Inquiry screen’s Back button of a particular Customer’s Sales Order Inquiry. Steps to adhere to fix the null list index error Log in to your Salesforce Org. Access the App Launcher and choose GUMU™ Integration from the App… Read More »

GUMU™ Tricks & Tips – Showing Additional (Related) Sage X3 Data on GUMU™ real-time screen

In this blog, we will discuss on showing additional (related) Sage X3 data from any entity that has a table linked to records from other tables. The information presented here will assist users in configuring the Data Page. For instance, it explains how to access data related to customers from different tables within the Customer… Read More »

Updated PDF Format of Customer Transactions from Sage 300C for faster response from GUMU™ Real-Time Inquiry – Part 2

In continuation to our previous blog, we have introduced Updated PDF Format to the feature wherein the Salesforce user can download the Sage Customer Transaction in PDF file while in the field and attending the customers need. We have further enhanced the functionality and now created the PDF that appear in the specific Sage format.… Read More »