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How to identify duplicate records using the Salesforce report

In this blog post, we will explore the process of how to identify duplicate records using the Salesforce reports. By generating a Salesforce report, users can efficiently pinpoint duplicate records within their Salesforce database. This approach helps in maintaining data accuracy and streamlining data management processes. Resolving duplicates enhances data quality and optimizes efficiency in… Read More »

Salesforce Tips – Dynamically Pass Parameters to Run Reports

This blog will guide a user on how to pass parameters a run-time on Report and invoke the report through custom link or custom button. Dynamic reports let users analyse the data for particular records whose parameters have been passed through URL. Read More: Salesforce – Sage ERP Integration For e.g.: Let’s consider a scenario… Read More »

Make Custom Object available for Salesforce Report

While working with reports in Salesforce, we wanted to create a report with a custom object. While trying to do this, we were unable to find the custom object in the Report Type Section. The solution is that we need to select the “Allow Reports” option in the Custom Object definition for that custom object.… Read More »