Creating AR invoices from within Sage CRM to Sage 100 ERP” is one of the major enhancement on which we are working on. We have been receiving various inquiries for this enhancement from partners since long-time and thanks to your suggestions and feedback, to make this comes true.

Now Users using GUMU™ Integration for Sage CRM – Sage 100(MAS 90/200) ERP will have ability to create an A/R invoice from within Sage CRM, and can promote it to Sage 100 ERP on a real time basis using A/R products available in Sage 100 ERP. One of the biggest advantages of this functionality for Sage CRM Users would be the ability to use this functionality from anywhere through internet/remotely using web based Sage CRM functionality.

This functionality will provide ability to sell services and create invoices directly from the Sage CRM by following opportunity’s workflow existing in Sage CRM even if you do not have Sales order (S/O) and Inventory modules (I/M) installed (or do not have license) in Sage 100 ERP.

From Security point of view, System administrator of Sage CRM system can grant access to Sage CRM users to allow/disallow creating AR invoices from Sage CRM to Sage 100 ERP, similar to what we have for creating and promoting orders using GUMU Integration on a real time basis.

In our next post, we will discuss the working of this functionality in more detail.

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