How can I setup a company to hit the Inventory costing while PO Invoice Posting?

By | June 21, 2011
My company purchases the Inventory but warehouse person is not aware of the Cost of the Inventory at that time of the receipt of the Inventory. The costing is only known when the Receipt is Invoiced, in that case Accpac provides an option of updating the last cost at Receipt or Invoice Posting which can selected in the PO Setup. Thus the user can select the Invoice Posting in the above case.However this option updates only Last Cost and Most Recent cost of the Inventory depending on the option selected.
By default, Purchase Orders updates costs when you post receipts, and it will not change these costs when you post invoices.This means that if you don’t have final costs on your receipts, you should change this setting to update costs when you post invoices.

This option is in PO Setup/Options/Processing—
à Update Most Recent cost and Last Cost at à Receipt Costing/Invoice Costing.
The drawback within this option is if the company has selected the Receipt costing as their setting i.e. the costing will be affected as soon as the goods are Received. But in one of the rare cases the Receipt amount was not matched with the Invoice amount, however the costing gets updated with the Receipt cost as per the setting. Thus the cost will be different than that of Invoice.