Custom Report would not print even after setting Customization Directory Path in Sage Accpac ERP

By | August 12, 2011

If you are using Customization Directories to print different Custom reports for Specific users in a particular company. But instead of printing the custom report placed in the PATH specified Accpac continues to still print the Standard report.

Well in this case here is something that you must know. The custom Path that you specify must always be in upper case (refer the screen shot below), if the path is in Lower Case or Mixed Case Accpac for some reason would not recognize the path and would continue to print the standard report.

If you are a fan of Copy n Paste (like me) then it is very likely that you might be in this situation as folders that we create are not always in Upper case and if we copy and Paste the entire Path from windows explorer (trying to do SMART WORK J) Accpac won’t appreciate that . So just make sure you change the Path to Upper Case first and then Paste it on the screen.

Hope this helps..

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