How to handle Commission Sales in Sage Accpac ERP?

By | August 9, 2011
You are a Trader and you ask your Vendor to Ship goods directly to your Customer against the PO raised by you with him. Hence you don’t physically receive the goods but your customer does and your vendor raises Invoice directly to your Customer, after the Customer pays your Vendor, you raise a Commission Invoice to your Vendor.
Let’s understand the documents involved in this process:
1.       Your Sales Order to Customer
2.       Your Purchase Order to Vendor
3.       Shipment Details provided by your Vendor
4.       Your Commission Invoice to Vendor
5.       Payment Receipt for the Commission
Now let’s discuss how to map these documents in Sage Accpac ERP.
The process flow till raising the Purchase Order to your Vendor, i.e. your sales order to Customer and Purchase Order to Vendor is similar to the process you follow for standard scenario.
Just in this case you need to share your Customer details in your PO to Vendor. E.g. Customer Name, Ship-To and Bill-To address, Payment Terms Etc.
Once you receive the Dispatch details for the Goods from your Vendor, you can capture those in an Optional Field in your PO.
After receiving confirmation of delivery from your Customer you have to manually close the Purchase Order (the one you raised to your Vendor) and Sales Order (The one you raised to your Customer) as they are completed and their process flow ends here.
Now the customer has received goods and it’s time to get your commission from your vendor.
Since you wish to raise an Invoice against your vendor from Accounts Receivable module of Sage Accpac ERP, you first need to define your Vendor as a Customer in your A/R. Name the Customer Group something like Suppliers or Principals, for easy reference.
Create an Invoice selecting your Vendor as Customer. In the description field you can write a Description like that will indicate what kind of Invoice this is. E.g.  ‘Commission Invoice against Sales Order’.
Enter your Purchase Order number into PO Number field and your Sales Order number into Order Number field.
Now select the appropriate Commission Ledger and enter the Commission amount, and Save the
Further when you receive the Commission Payment for this Sale, make an entry in Receipt Entry screen in A/R Module of Sage Accpac ERP, selecting the Customer No as Vendor and apply the payment against this Invoice in Apply Document Field.
This is how you handle the Commission Sale in Sage Accpac ERP.