Recurring Payables in Accounts Payable module of Sage 300 ERP

By | May 6, 2013

Many-a-time, we come across situations where we have to book same document for every month. For an instance, Rent Invoice, which is raised almost every month; wherein all the details in an invoice document are almost same.
To take care of this type of requirement, Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac ERP)has a feature which allow users to create a one time Invoice and then execute the same on monthly basis or whenever required based on the schedule.
Before creating a recurring payable, user have to make sure that they have created a schedule code in common services, which has to be linked in the recurring payable entry.
User can then create a Recurring payable entry by following below steps/process;

1. Navigate to Accounts Payable >> A/P Vendors >> Recurring Payables.

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2. Create an AP Recurring Entry and save the same.
3. Users can find this entry in AP Recurring Payable screen from the finder option.
4. At the end of month or when required, user can raise Invoice against the vendor by executing the saved entry.
5. To execute, navigate to Accounts Payable >> A/P Periodic Processing >> Create Recurring Payable Batch, you will get the below screen shot.

6. Select the desired recurring payable code and process it, which will then create an un-posted invoice entry in AP Invoice Batch list.

Hence, users can create similar AP Recurring Entry as per the need and can raise it whenever required.