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Web API to Get Sales Order Details by Customer No in Sage 300

Web API supports the connecting or sharing of resources and data in a very flexible and standardized manner. Services which are described are organized to support the automated discovery and reuse. Web Services API plays very important & vital role in Sage 300 ERP  as we can import / export bulk data entries at one time. Integration… Read More »

Exempting Inactive Items from transactions in GreyMatrix

Apparel ERP software is a business process management software designed and customized for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in the apparel, fashion and consumer lifestyle brands industries. GreyMatrix Add-on for Sage 300 ERP is a complete front to back office solution for Apparel Industry. You can check our Greymatrix Add-on here Greymatrix – Apparel Solution for… Read More »

Web API to Get Customer Details by Customer No in Sage 300

Web API basically means software that enables two or more applications to exchange data (messages) with each other. API integrations helps organizations with multiple software systems to exchange data with each other to keep data in sync enhance productivity and drive revenue. Nowadays API is part and parcel of almost everything in the digital world.… Read More »

Sage 300 ERP Integration with PHP POS

Greytrix’ s Sage 300 ERP – PHP Point of Sale Integration enables a perfect synergy of two powerful systems that makes synchronization of data effortless while maximizing your investment on Sage 300 ERP. Integration in simple terms is connecting 2 system together to perform data transfer in seamless manner without human intervention. Using this we can… Read More »

How to use Existing ACCPAC Advantage Session in C#

In this blog, we are going to define the use of an existing Sage 300c session with ACCPAC Advantage in C# .Net. We have seen that when we use ACCPAC Advantage DB link for opening ACCPAC Advantage View, we use session for initializing DB link instance I.e., object. New Stuff: SAU Plugin error while installing… Read More »