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Bulk Invoicing for Sage 300c Web Version 2021 Released

As we know that Sage 300c ERP 2021 is available now. With the release of Sage 300c v2021 we are pleased to announce the release of Greytrix Bulk Invoicing feature for Sage 300c v2021 Web version to our customers and re-sellers. New Stuff: Taking it a step further, we have developed a separate standalone web component for providing… Read More »

Unable to connect to the database or Database specification is not valid

While trying to login to your Sage 300 ERP application or accessing any Sage 300 Company, users may encounter an error such as “Unable to connect to the database; database specification is not valid”. Wondering why this error pops up? Read below to know the reason behind this error in Sage 300 and get the… Read More »

Automated Email Notification to Customers of AR Overdue Payments

Overdue receivables are one of the most common and serious frustrations entrepreneurs face and the unpaid invoices impact everything which means if cash flow is interrupted you won’t have the money to keep your business operational. Reaching out to customers with past-due invoices is often one of the most time-consuming aspects of accounts receivable. Instead of relying on a solely-manual process… Read More »

View Protocol not explicitly selected

As Sage 300 provides functionality to create a custom views, here in this blog we will be discussing about the error “View Protocol not explicitly selected” while making the view. New Stuff:  Possible Cause of Error while Previewing Sage 300 Report and Resolution Below is the screenshot of the error that may occur: There is… Read More »

Document Attachment for Sage 300 v2021 Standard

Document attachments add on comes for all the versions of sage 300 i.e., for premium, Standard, etc. In this blog we will see document attachment add on for standard version of sage 300. We can have document attachment compatible with which ever version of Sage 300 you are using, whether premium or standard. NEW STUFF:… Read More »

Enhancement to Large Comments for Order Entry and Purchase Order customization

We are happy to announce that the customization for large comments on Order Entry and Purchase order screen have been enhanced to consider newlines characters also. New Stuff:  Document Attachment module for Sage 300 v2021 Desktop released now This is a small enhancement in the functionality that is how the text is concatenated and distributed… Read More »

Automated Email Notification of AR Overdue Payments

Accounts receivable, customer’s unpaid invoices, are a short term asset on the balance sheet of every company. This is why it is crucial for company’s accounting team to ensure that customer payments are delivered on time .That whole process of identifying overdue accounts can be so difficult. If you have a lot of customers buying on credit… Read More »