Display Item Master Optional fields at Transactional Level in Sage 300 ERP

By | June 3, 2013

Several times customer comes across scenarios wherein they want to display item master optional fields at the transaction level. In such cases, User can make use of transactional optional field available feature in Sage 300 ERP, were they can fetch optional field present at the item master level to transaction level.
Consider a case, where we have an item master which has an optional field called as Manufacturer model number as shown in the below screen shot.

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In this case, our Item number is different from that of optional field value present in Manufacturer Model Number.
Here, we might come across a situation, where we are preparing a PO receipt and manufacturer model number is base factor. We receive material on the basis of manufacturing number, instead of receiving it based on item number. 
Thus in this case, it is necessary that we display optional field value at the PO receipt transaction level. To do so we have to set the optional field as shown in the below setup screen.

In PO receipt screen, select appropriate PO against which you would like to make a PO receipt  Further come to detail line for that particular item and click on optional field which will show the Model number value which is directly coming from item master optional field.

In this way, we can fetch item master optional field in transactional level. Hence, this takes away the efforts required to look up several documents to find matching manufacturing number every time we make a PO Receipt and leads to a hassle free data entry.