Customer Item Numbers in Sage 300 ERP

By | December 23, 2013

Often large customers prefer to use their own stock numbers when ordering from you.  In Sage 300 ERP, you can associate customer item numbers with inventory items.
In this blog we shall provide guidelines in setting up the customer item numbers and using the customer item number to enter orders instead of your own part numbers.
Greytrix Document Numbering : Set your own numbering for transactions in Sage 300 ERP 

1) Setup Customer Item Numbers
Customer Item Numbers are setup by using Customer Details screen (Inventory Control>>IC Items and Price Lists folder).
You may setup any number of customer item numbers associated with a single item in your inventory. Customer item numbers are particular to the customer and also specify the customer’s unit of measure, so different customers can use the same number for different items.
In given example we have setup customer item number as DESK LAMP CASE for customer 1200 and item A1-103/0.


2) Using Customer Item Numbers in Order Entry

You can use customer item numbers to enter the item number on detail lines; Order Entry will replace the customer’s item number with your inventory item number, and automatically insert the customer’s item number in the Customer Item Number field.



 By using Customer Item Number feature you can simplify your order entry process and accurately book the orders for your customers.

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