Simplified OE Module Report (Order Details)

By | March 20, 2018

Sales Order is a confirmation document sent to the customers before delivering the goods or services. Sales Order can be created once your prospective customer accepts the quote. It is sometimes difficult to find those orders quickly when required. Hence, we have developed a report UI from which you can export Order data, Shipment data & Invoice data from the single user interface in an excel format.
In this blog, we will look details about order data & it is columns in details.
New Stuff:- Generic Macro of GL Import
Below is the UI that we have developed.

On this UI, you have the option to select transaction type like Order, Shipment & Invoice. Depending on your selection, the report will export the data. In addition, you can filter by date, customer number & location.
If you select Order type & export it then data will get export in below format

Excel includes fields such as Order No, Order date, Customer number, Customer name, and ship to location, Location, ship Via Code, description, Reference, Tax Group, Terms Code, Order subtotal, Order discount amount, total tax amount, Order Total.
Below is the detail explanation of all the fields:-
Order No– Header level order No field
Order date – Header level order date field
Customer number – Header level Customer number field
Customer name – Header level Customer name field
Ship to location – Header level ship to location field (Description)
Location– Header level Location field (Description)
Ship Via Code – Header level ship Via Code field (Description)
Description – Header level description field
Reference – Header level Reference field
Tax Group – Header level Tax Group field from Tax tab
Terms Code – Header level Terms Code field from Customer tab
Order subtotal – Detail level Order subtotal field
Total tax amount – Header level total tax amount field from taxes tab
Order Total – Header level Order Total field Total tab
In our next blog, we will discuss Shipment entry data that is to be export from this UI.
Note: – We can add or remove fields as per your requirement.
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