Generic Macro of GL Import

By | March 20, 2018

In our previous blogs, we have seen that how you can import different entities in Sage 300. In this blog, we will see how you import GL Entries with simple excel format.
Below is the screenshot for our import utility of GL Import Macro.

The user needs to select the appropriate excel sheet and then click on Import Button which will start the process from validating the proper data of fields such as Account ID, Source credit, debit, Source code, detail level fields, Entry description. If the data is valid then GL entry will be created, else the system writes the error log file about the same, so that user can see the it & made a correction as per log.
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Once the user clicks on the import button the excel sheet data which is in below screenshot will create new GL entries in Sage 300.

Just refer the below screenshot in which new entry has been created in Sage 300.

With the help of these macros, the user can save your time to create manual entries and can easily import data at once.
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