Providing additional Rights to a User within Security Profile

By | July 26, 2016

Sage CRM allows us to define access rights across the organization to Users by using Security Profiles and Territories. In this blog, we will discuss how to allow direct rights in territories to specific Users.
Let’s consider one example where User A belongs to Mumbai Sales team and associated with Sales Rep Profile. Sales Rep Profile has rights enabled for View, Edit and Insert rights for Opportunities, Communications, Lead, Company and Person.
In this case user A will have same rights as rest of the Sales Rep Profile Users have.
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We can easily enable delete rights on entities for Sales Rep Profile Users by editing the Profile rights and assigning delete rights to the profile. However this will enable delete rights for all users who are associated with Sales Rep Profile.
Now the question is, have you ever been come across a situation like to enable delete rights for only specific Users but not all Users who belongs to Sales Rep Profile or any other Profile.
If yes, then we can use standard “Allow Users Direct Rights In Territories” feature of Sage CRM.
This option can be enabled by Admin User in Sage CRM by navigating to,
Administration – Users – Security – Security Policies and enable below option as shown in screenshot.
Security policies
This will enable a new option User Direct Rights under Administration – Users – Security.
Clicking on above highlighted option will open a screen to give additional rights of different profile Users.
User Direct Rights
We can add Users on this screen and assign delete or additional rights by editing all rights option on this screen.
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