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Interactive Dashboards to help day to day CRM tasks

Interactive Dashboard encompasses n number of features that make the life of CRM users very easy by catering information to them in a very presentable and business friendly format. In this blog we will discuss how one can enable the functionality of Sending E-mail, Creating Task and Appointment from Sage CRM Interactive dashboards. CRM Solution… Read More »

Recurring Tasks in SageCRM

“I am going to tweak our SageCRM to allow recurring tasks”, I told my boss. This was soon after our meeting where a task was assigned to me which and needed to be done every week. We knew that SageCRM does not allow recurring tasks like it does for recurring appointments. I took up the… Read More »

One Click Notification to CRM users from System Administrator

With reference to the blog written by Jeff http://dpp.sagecrm.com/blogs/hints_tips_and_tricks/archive/2009/08/13/creating-a-simple-messaging-system-within-sage-crm.aspx We would like to suggest one more workaround where we need not to create an extra entity but we can use the existing communication entity only Suppose a system administrator wants to pass a message to single user or to group of users in SageCRM; What… Read More »

Multi-user tasks in Sage CRM.

There is the functionality provided by Sage CRM where we can go and create a task for the single user, but what if we need to assign the tasks for the multiple users based on the months and days?? Here is the component which does the same. Installing this component you can see the new… Read More »

Customizing screen for follow up task

Suppose you want to do some customizations on the screen for the Follow Up task only and at the same time you don’t want them to be applied for New Task that we create. Here the first question that will come to your mind is how you will identify that it is the new task… Read More »