SageCRM – Sage ACCPAC ERP Order Entry Integration

By | September 22, 2009

You all may well remember the old saying “A stitch in time saves nine”. Same was the case with Standard SageCRM – ACCPAC ERP Integration. All the customer data can be easily promoted and sync within Sage ACCPAC ERP and SageCRM but what about the Order Entry ???? So despite of Standard Integration if your client has a strong need to integrate Order Entry he needs to do a rigorous work of maintaining both Sage ACCPAC ERP and SageCRM systems. Here comes Greytrix with Sage ACCPAC Order entry integration which helps you to create Orders from SageCRM and promote them to Sage Accpac ERP.

GUMU™ for Sage ACCPAC ERP Order Entry integration is currently compatible with SageCRM 6.1/6.2 and Sage ACCPAC ERP version 5.4 and 5.5.

Key Features:
1. Uses existing functionality of SageCRM and Sage Accpac ERP system:
The integration solution uses the existing SageCRM order entry module to generate orders with all the information such as the line items, ship to address and other information. Once the order has been created in SageCRM, users can then promote the order to Sage ACCPAC ERP on clicking the “Promote to AAS” button from order entry screen in SageCRM.

2. Ability to view Quantity on Hand of Items in SageCRM before Promoting Order:
Salesperson can view the Quantity on Hand of Items before promoting the order to Sage ACCPAC ERP hence enabling to prompt that the particular items are out of stock and if there is a need to purchase those items.

3. Supports Multicurrency:
Sage ACCPAC ERP Order Entry Integration support multi currencies from Sage ACCPAC ERP to SageCRM that means no need to calculate currency conversion. SageCRM will create orders in the same currency as defined in Sage ACCPAC ERP.

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