GUMU for SageCRM – QuickBooks Integration

By | September 25, 2009

GUMU™ for SageCRM – QuickBooks is a web-based integration. It imports all the essential financial details like Sales order, Invoices, Products and customer information from QuickBooks to SageCRM/ This integration is easy to use, cost effective, accurate and time saving for both salesperson and accountants. The integration allows viewing all financial and customer information of QuickBooks in SageCRM environment. Hence any SageCRM user can view the details from any part of the globe. It is proven to be a solution which improves ROI, by improving customer satisfaction and co-ordination of different departments. Reducing front and back office communication gap and ensuring proper management of resources.

QuickBooks – Sage CRM integration is currently compatible with
* SageCRM 6.1/6.2 (On premise & Hosted version) Edition 100/200
* QuickBooks version 2007 to 2009 (US, UK and Canadian Editions).

Key Features:

1. Synchronize all QuickBooks customers as Companies/Persons in SageCRM
In the era of GUMU, why take the process of manual data entry when you can import customer information from your AR data? With the integration setup with your ERP system, you can synchronize your available AR customer data and bring them over as companies in SageCRM. GUMU will accumulate the information and position all the record information in the respective slots meant in Sage CRM.

2. Generate Orders for customers in QuickBooks from the SageCRM screen thus enabling remote order entry option to your QuickBooks system.
Salespersons and other users of SageCRM can now enter orders into QuickBooks from SageCRM. Using the quotes and order feature of SageCRM, users can enter a new order with the information and promote the created order into QuickBooks. Thus both systems are updated without the need for redundant data entry into the QuickBooks system.

Other Features:
1. Promote new Companies created in SageCRM as AR customers in QuickBooks from the SageCRM screen
2. View all financial transactions like orders and invoices generated for customers from SageCRM screen
3. GUMU Scheduler takes care of integration and not having to manually sync data

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