Data Import Routines

By | April 8, 2010

Though CRM systems are capable of maintaining and managing Business related data thoroughly over the web, most of the business structures still won’t allow the data entries to be done in actual working environment. For such prospects, even if Sage CRM holds the greater importance from business perspective, the web architecture of CRM can’t be completely implemented on field level use due to several environmental, technical or financial limitations.
For example, we can consider the business where an actual data is collected on very minute level on site or we can say on field by their employees. The limitation here is that they are not able to put data directly to CRM. So they maintain the data either in CSV file or Excel sheet. At the end of the day all this data needs to be moved to CRM so that Call center users can take it then onwards for further support to the customer.
We at Greytrix have developed several Import routines to support such Data import activities to be done either at the end of the day or on scheduler basis. Sage CRM has standard inbuilt import routines to work with most of the standard entities, but ours are capable of working even to the list minute detailed level. Also our import routines are capable of molding to Custom entity data import also which make them capable of import almost anything that has logic into the CRM. Some of them are listed below.
1. Product Import
We have developed effective tools in order to import Product details both in Sage CRM as well as We have also posted details for these components on our blog site before. Please go through below link to refer to the same.
2. User Import
Why do we need to import the users?
Suppose we are implementing the brand new CRM for new prospect where all the Users and territory details are already defined and configured in their current operative system. This structure is required to be replicated as it is in CRM. In this scenario we can use User import routine to import the User data as per our requirement. Though latest Sage CRM version comes with this feature built in, we can use this tool for old Sage CRM versions also.
3. Lead Import
This is also a part of standard functionality, but here all the leads are assigned to the logged in user. Using our tool we can put one more column in sheet to be imported for Assigned user and assign the leads to those users based on mapping in the sheet. Please go through below link for more details.
4. Case import
This is one of the strongest tools to be used by businesses involving Case management to an extensive level. We can put all the cases details in standard preformatted excel sheet and import them all in CRM through this tool.
We can also maintain linking of cases to other entities in CRM through this import routine. We just need to maintain the fields for that entity also in cases sheet to be imported. The minute details can be further filled in from CRM for these cases or either they can also be included in sheet being imported.
As importing data is one of the major tasks in today’s business; exporting it also holds the same importance. We have also developed the tools in order to export the data for several entities either to excel or CSV files for further processing and analysis.
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