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Unable to add Person in External Attendees for Appointments

Communications being an essential part of every business demands to be tracked or maintained in efficient manner. One such prominent feature is of Sage CRM’s Communications entity which is available against every other entity such as Company, Person, and Opportunities etc. Another feature is of External Attendees functionality where we can maintain and manipulate the… Read More »

Show External Attendees in a Sage CRM 7.1 List for an Appointment

In my earlier post related to Sage CRM 7.1 – External Attendee, I had highlighted new features provided by of Sage CRM 7.1 i.e. External Attendees. Please refer below link: http://sagecrmaddons.blogspot.com/2011/03/sage-crm-71-add-attendees-for.html As we all know using External Attendees functionality we can maintain and manipulate the multi-person linked appointments very efficiently. But as per my perspective… Read More »