Floating pipeline to track Opportunity lifeline on Summary Screen

By | June 18, 2011
Workflow is one of the best features Sage CRM has provided to track the lifeline of entities in the system. Through different rules we can take the entity on different stages which will elaborate the current state of that entity. Let’s consider opportunity entity for an example. When we progress opportunity workflow through different rules, we can see the stages it goes through and the corresponding tracking notes under Tracking tab.
Some days ago I came across the requirement where the workflow history had to be shown on the opportunity summary screen itself. Not the detailed history was required here. Only the graphical representation of what stages that opportunity had been through and what is still to come was required to be displayed. So I came up with the feature to do the same and add the strip on summary screen as shown in below screen.
Here the block you see in
Green color is the current stage of an opportunity
Blue boxes are the stages that opportunity had been through in past and
Yellow are the stages that opportunity still needs to go through.
Now why do we need to add this on summary screen if we can find the similar data in tracking tab. actually the requirement was to show only Summary tab and no Tracking as the more detailed tracking might be confusing for the users.
Through this feature the user not only would know the current stage but they would also know the future stages through which the opportunity has to go through.
One more enhanced feature we added here was, we made the panel vertically floating across the screen.

The summary screen itself was customized and quite large, so to see the details user had to scroll up and down all the time. Through this enhancements user will always see the history panel even though he/she scrolls down to the very end of screen.

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