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By | July 22, 2011

For any business firm, monitoring and optimizing services is an imperative task. Considering the fact that whatever is sold needs to be serviced sometime, today’s business demands need to concentrate not only on the Sales, but also on the after sales services.

Sage CRM has provided Lead, Opportunity, Quotes, and Orders to maintain the Sales process very efficiently. We also have Products entity to manage the inventory data as required and Cases to handle the work orders or Issues. So why not consolidate all these in a under single roof? For the manufacturing industries the key point is to maintain the inventory, assets, agreement, warranty, services provided and service branches data. Based on all these facts we developed a vertical to match the service industry requirement to manage the after sales services through SageCRM.

Key Features:

  • Location Management

Service CRM has ability to administer the Parent (head office) company and Child (branch) relationship.

  • Business Hours and Holiday Set for Company and its Location

It provides users an ability to create and assign Business hours and Holiday set per Company and Location.

  • Configuration of Serialized Inventory Items in CRM

Service CRM allows you to control the serialized inventory using standard CRM Product management.

List out all the serial numbers against that product(asset).

  • Asset Import

Facilitate Serialized Inventory (Products and respective serial numbers) import in Sage CRM based on a fixed excel format.

  • Agreement creation at Order/Opportunity level

It allows user to create an agreement at order level once the order is confirmed.

Create Agreement button pops up the agreement entry screen with the assets to be added as a part of that agreement. It also keeps track of the agreement expiry and accordingly sends the mail notification to the service branch user.

  • Agreement and Assets (Product) listing under Company and its Location

Once the agreement and assets are linked with Company/Location, user would be able to get the same at Company/Location level.
Agreement List: From here user can create new agreement too.

Asset List:

  • Configure Service Branches in CRM to assign Technicians

Well maintained Service Branch data that would be actually providing support/service to client.

Service Branch details:
Technicians and Service Branch Users can be Users/ Resources in Sage CRM.

  • Case Management at Agreement and Asset level

Case in CRM can be linked with and an Asset or an Agreement.

  • Assets Inward/Outward, Replacement tracking at Case level

At case level it maintains which asset is in and out or replaced under Repair and Replacement tab.

Repair or Replace Assets – Inward and Outward

Repair or Replace Assets – Replace

Repair or Replace Assets – New

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