Moving Sage CRM to new server

By | July 21, 2011
Firstly, credit of this blog contents should be given to Pat Dolan, Sage CRM Product Management. He had listed down detail steps to move Sage CRM to a new server.
This post can be considered as an extension to our earlier posts ( which explains the steps to be followed while moving only the Sage CRM database
The instructions were so precise and useful that I thought it should be listed under a public portal and not the Partners Portal. So here it goes.
Web Server:
•I would suggest on the new web server to do a Clean CRM install. That will take care of your install files e.g. Program FilesSageCRM.
•Patch it up to the same level as your current ‘Live’ Web server.
•Copy over any custom files from your ‘Live’ servers such as images/custom pages[wwwrootcustom pages and wwwrootimg]
•Where is your document library & default document template? If it’s on your current Web Server you need to copy this over too!
From the steps above your new Web Server should be the same version as your Live Web Server and custom files copied over.
Database Server:
•From the new install above you can choose to install a clean CRM database on the new database Server.
•When the install is done, restore your Live database over it.
•Check the registry on the new web server, to see DefaultDatabase/DefaultDatabaseServer & DatabasePassword all are related to the new DB server. These are on the Web Server under:
•Keep backups of your Live database and current CRM install folder well safe too!
Above as far as I can see means that your new web server is up and running, with CRM installed to the same patch level, with all your custom images/files[asp development etc] and pointing to the new database server, which has a current database restored.
Finishing Touches
•Check things like library document links, custom pages are still ok after the move.
•Check the Admin area to see what else is pointing at a drive e.g. the documents and reports Admin configuration
•Disable your old web server and send users the new Server URL.
[We would like to Thank our Partners, Followers and Friends for making this possible. Greytrix named as (First) Sage Gold Development Partner of the Year 2011 – SageCRM. Winners were presented at the recently held Sage Software’s Largest Partner and Customer Conference, Sage Summit 2011 at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center in Washington D.C.]

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