Stop saving exported report files in shared documents

By | October 20, 2012

In SageCRM, there is an “Export to File” button in the Find area of the main menu. After clicking on this button “Export Saved Search” screen opens. On this screen there is textbox “Create entry in shared documents” which is checked by default. This result in storing output generated to shared documents which in turn consumes the hard-disk space.

We have developed the script to keep the checkbox unchecked by default. Below are the steps you can follow to use the script.
1. Go to Administration | Customization | Translations.
2. In the US Translation search for this text “Create entry in shared documents”.
3. Edit the translation entry and add the below content in US Translation and UK Translation block without removing the existing content. This script should be applied below the available content.
<script for=window event=onload>  
                document.getElementById(“CreateLibraryItem”).checked = false;
4. Click on Save button and do an IISRESET.
After adding above translation entry the “Export Saved Search” screen will look like below.