Hyperlink on Report columns

By | August 21, 2013

We all know, Sage CRM comes with the functionality to provide you with the quick overview of the information related to any entity. This is nothing but in the form of Reports, Dashboards etc.  You can export reports to Screen, PDF, excel  etc. Now when I export them to screen will it be possible to have the hyperlink on columns to navigate and quickly view the details of the record? Yes, it is possible and an out of box feature.
Screen Reports can help us to navigate directly to the summary screen of the information being displayed in the report; this can be achieved from below steps:
1.Login to CRM
2.Click on Reports from Main Menu
3.Click on the Pencil icon of any particular report


You will be navigated to Report Options screen
4.Select the Auto Hyperlinking checkbox and click on Continue button


5.Click on Save
6.Run the Report
 In the report output you can observe that the record columns are converted to hyperlink. You can click on the hyperlink and the record summary will be opened on main screen behind as shown below.


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