Re-Installing the component

By | March 11, 2013

Re-Installing a component is nothing but installing a same component more than once. You know system does not list the component for installation once listed.
We might need to re-install the component due to some changes done in the same component without losing the already applied modules e.g. If we have a component comp1 which is for adding new fields on the screen and now we want to change the alignments and position of the fields added without creating new component and use comp1 only for this purpose. Sometimes you may think that you want to consolidate all components into the one, but the component already exists with same name then also you can use this tip to re-install.
Reinstallation steps:-
If you have unchanged database backup before component installation, just restore the database and again install the components. It is always ideal to take the database backup before making any changes to the system or in the database itself.
Suppose you have not taken the database backup and you just need to install the components again with some changes on the current CRM system, you can follow below mentioned instructions.
a)       Navigate to the Inf folder C:\Program Files\Sage\CRM\<instance name>\inf
b)       Open the <<Component Name>>.ecf file.
For example, CM_XYZ.ecf
c)       Copy the below line and paste the same after the Directory= <<Component Name>> line.
d)       Save the changes.
e)       Log in to CRM.
f)        Navigate to Administration | Customization | Component Manager.
g)       The Component Component Name (say CM_XYZ) will in Available Components list.
h)       Select the component Component Name and click on Install Component. Click again Install Component. It will install the component in the system.
i)         Do the Metadata Refresh; to do the same please navigate to Administration | System | Metadata.
j)         Select the Refresh All and click on the Execute Refresh button.
k)       Log off from the CRM system.
l)         Run the IISRESET command.
m)     Login to the Sage CRM system to check the changes.
When we add  the line’ multipleinstalls=y’ in the .ecf file of the component, the component stays in the Available Components list in the Administration | Customization | Component Manager in the available component list. And if it not included then the component disappears from the Available Components list.
Note: If you have any queries added in RUNSQL command which should not run again, comment them in component before running it.