Access violation error on Calendar screen

By | October 11, 2013

All my software testers, QC’s have to keep multiple instances of SageCRM installed on their workstations that too of different versions. On one of such testing instance one of my Testers found this error.
As soon as I logged into CRM and went to Calendar, I encountered an error message “Access violation at address xxxxxxxx”.
Then, I put my developers on task to get it resolved. They did some research and got to know that this happens on screens\tabs where document drop button is available i.e. at calendar and communications tab. However, I also noticed that this error mostly visible under Calendar tab of CRM.
If this happens where document drop button is available then it has to do with XeWare Control plug-in which gets installed on accessing CRM for first time.
Let us see, how we can get rid of this problem. Follow the below steps.
1. Browse to the Downloaded Program Files folder, which can be found in:
C:\\Windows\Downloaded Program Files
2. Select eWarePluginX file and click Delete.
3. Click Yes when prompted to remove the plug-in permanently
4. If a message comes up stating that the program files are currently in use, close all Internet Explorer windows or do an IISRESET if required.
5. Log on to SageCRM.
6. Follow the prompts when prompted to install the Document Plug-in.
Now, I don’t see above error message on my CRM calendar tab anymore.
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