Retrieve deleted records in Sage CRM

By | October 25, 2013

Recently one of our clients has mistakenly deleted a Company in Sage CRM and now they wanted to retrieve it again back to Sage CRM. Client tried to select the last visited record by navigating through the Recent List but got below message. Obvious message as the record was deleted from Sage CRM.
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Unlike other Sage products, once the record is deleted it cannot be retrieved. However when record is deleted in Sage CRM, it is still available in Sage CRM database and can be easily retrievable. Below are the steps that you need to follow to retrieve deleted records.
1) Take Sage CRM database backup.
2) Open your SQL server management studio and enter the login credentials.
3) Select Sage CRM database from the Object explorer and Open Query pane and execute SQL query as shown below.
4) Here you will observe that Comp_Deleted is set to 1.
5) To retrieve it again back to Sage CRM, we need to set this column as NULL.
6) For this, Execute SQL command as shown below.
Be careful while executing update SQL command. Make sure you are updating correct company. We strongly recommend to backup Sage CRM database before making any changes in the database as mentioned in Step 1.
7) Once done, you will see same Company will be visible again in Sage CRM.
On similar lines, if there is any entries deleted in Sage CRM, DO NOT WORRY and use corresponding table and corresponding column (XXXX_deleted) to retrieve records in Sage CRM.
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