Information on Date/Time/Number Preferences in Sage CRM

By | March 9, 2016

Date Preferences:
A Date is made of three elements namely Month, Date and Year and we can set combinations depending on country to have a date format. Example MM/DD/YY.
Sage CRM has different date formats which user can set for his own instance in User Preferences. Once user selects date format, all the date fields in CRM shows date in selected date format.
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User can navigate to preferences tab and set the format that they wish to read the date in Sage CRM.  We can change the format of dates in Sage CRM under preferences tab.
1) Go to My CRM.
2) Click On Preference Tab.
3) Select Date/time Preferences and check for Date Format field. Refer below screenshots.
Login and Session Preference
Time Preferences:
Along with Date configurations Sage CRM also has configurations defined for Time settings. Times settings are also configured under Preference tab.  Refer below screenshot of Time configurations in Sage CRM.
Date/Time Preference
Number Preferences:
Number Preferences Block under Preferences tab allows us to configure numeric and decimal settings. The maximum no. of decimal places we can set is up to 6. Beyond that user will be notified with error message on screen. Refer below screenshot of Number Preferences in Sage CRM.
Number Preference
Below is one of the Opportunity record screenshot which has above configurations, decimal point as dot and Decimal places at 3 and thousand separator as comma.
Opportunity record screenshot
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