Restrict Sensitive Information

By | December 13, 2013

Implementation of SageCRM most of the times contains the two majors tasks, one is the actual implementation-configurations and other is Customizations. Whenever we implement SageCRM we must draw clear line as to what can be done by standard and what needs to be customized so that we never overshoot our implementation runway and crash land it. I personally feel that system by standard provides many features to achieve most of the requirements. Throughout this blog I have discussed many such ideas. Today I will discuss usage of one such configuration provided by SageCRM and I find people very rarely using it.
Whenever we implement Sales force Automation (SFA) through SageCRM, most of the times we will come across people who don’t want to share the figures. Like there are 3 sales persons working in a team for same customer and different projects, but none of them agrees to share the project data. They are ready to share the customer contact details. How do we handle such requirements? You can make use of field “Restrict Sensitive Info” under user preferences for this purpose. Let’s see how it works.
The New Stuff: Custom Icons for entities
Let us first login to CRM using demo data sales user named “Susan Maye” and create one opportunity.


This opportunity is assigned to Susan however what we need is that the commercial information like Project details, Forecast etc. should be visible only to the people who are on Company team even though they belong to same team.
Let’s us login to CRM using another user named “Simon O’Neill” from Worldwide territory and same team Direct Sales. He will be able to see all the details of above opportunity through find opportunity screen as he belongs to same team and has access rights to access all opportunities in his territory.
Now let’s login as Administrator, find user “Simon O’Neill” and mark “Restrict Sensitive Info” field as “Must be On Company Team”.


Now when this user opens above opportunity created by Susan, he will get below error.


This means he can see there is some project going on with customer, but he cannot see the commercials.
Suppose some time in future we want Simon to work on same project and then he must see the details. Then open Company “Design Rights Inc.”, go to Company Team tab and add user “Simon O’Neill” there. Now he can see all the project details pertaining to this customer as we have applied must be on company team rights.
Sage Demo data helps a lot. You can try many things!! 🙂 🙂