Migrate ACT! Opportunities to Sage CRM

By | March 20, 2014

GUMU™ for Sage CRM is wizard type utility that converts ACT! data into Sage CRM  or SageCRM.com. GUMU™ converts all existing information such as Company, Contacts, Communications, Opportunities, Documents, Pending, History, Users, Custom information stored in user defined locations, notes, e-mails residing in ACT! in Sage CRM/Sage CRM.com.

In our previous blogs we discussed how ACT! Contacts and Companies are migrated to Sage CRM. Going further, we shall now discuss about migrating opportunities from ACT! to Sage CRM for related company and person with the help of GUMU™. Opportunity in ACT! gets converted as Opportunity in Sage CRM and all the information related to opportunity that is present in ACT! gets migrated to Sage CRM opportunity.

Let’s consider an example of below Act! Opportunity which gets migrated in Sage CRM against the contact ‘Mackenzie Jensen’:

Here is the converted Opportunity from ACT! to CRM.

Below is the field mapping of ACT! Opportunity to migrated Sage CRM opportunity.

Note: Apart from above details, the product and services information from ACT! Opportunity gets converted as Sage CRM order under the migrated opportunity.

For more information on CRM data migration, drop us a mail at sage@greytrix.com

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