Sage CRM guides are like Bible of knowledge for us!

By | May 27, 2014

Being a SageCRM technical/functional support engineers we face range of issues related to SageCRM customizations, configurations, coding, upgrades etc.
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We have seen whenever there is a challenge, many of us start googling for a solution or start browsing SageCRM communities for help. We expect someone would have already asked similar query and probably someone would have answered it . Now as it’s a human tendency to ASK, SEARCH first and then REFER, we start putting our queries on community sites wishing someone will answer them soon.
Yes communities are made for that only, but actually many of the questions asked everywhere else are already addressed in the Documentation that comes with Sage CRM Setup. There are many resource docs available like Administrator guide, Developer guide, Mobile guide, Installation and upgrade guide, Support Matrix etc.
You only need to open the respective guide, search for your topic and you will see many of our experts posting answers on communities are actually referring these guides (I know some experts will be smiling now  🙂 ). So from the next time whenever there is an issue a simple 3 steps process should be followed.
1. Understand the problem
2. Try basic things and check logic errors
3. Check relevant guides to see if any issue with configurations, syntax etc.
Usually you must be done at the 3rd stage
If not, you can always refer other reference resources before searching for solutions for exact problem. Here are some of the resources.
Developer Help:
We learn in our academic careers to study Reference material. Practically it does help a lot. All the product Customization and Configuration guides are like Bibles of knowledge and you will always get some extra to learn whenever you read them. Just start doing this and soon you will be capable of providing solutions and helping others.