Set Default Type on Export Screens

By | March 31, 2015

In Sage CRM, Users can export a list of companies or other standard primary entity data based on a Saved Search. We have this option available on standard find screen for all primary entities.
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Upon clicking Export to file button highlighted above in screen shot Users would be navigated to Export page.
1) Go to Administration | Customization | Translations
2) In the US Translation search for this text “Create entry in shared documents”.
3) Edit the translation entry and add the below content in US Translation and UK Translation block.
if (typeof window.addEventListener != ‘undefined’)                                               window.addEventListener(“load”,HandleType,false);
else if (window.attachEvent)
//’ Set Type of Report format
//’ Set Create entry in shared documents to false
document.getElementById(“CreateLibraryItem”).checked = false;
4) Click on save button and do an IISRESET so that changes can take effect.
Now whenever User navigates to export page. CSVFOREXCEL will be set by defaultand Create entry in shared documents checkbox will be unchecked.
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