Shipment and Invoice Process in CRM

By | June 19, 2015

Here with this blog, I would like to explain you how Shipment and Invoice process can be integrated in Sage CRM using Sage 300 ERP Web Service. As we know Sage CRM can be seamlessly integrated with Sage 300 ERP which allow users to check the actual Inventory and pricing before sending a quotation to customers. The integration also gives you the privilege to cater financial information to customer.
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Well, while working on an implementation for one of our client they came up with a requirement where they didn’t want to provide Sales User to access Sage 300 ERP application just to do Shipment and invoicing process. But, creating Shipment and invoicing will be a part of their daily job that too without accessing Sage 300 ERP.
Now, we had a challenge to complete this task and after having technical discussions with ERP specialists we found one solution which answered most of our project burden.
The solution was to use “Sage 300 ERP Web Service” and write our own logic to create shipment and invoice process in Sage CRM.
For Sales User, we have created a tab called “Shipment and Invoice” against Opportunity entity which allow users to select the orders and create the shipment entry in ERP. See below screenshot for your reference.
From above screen, user have to select the Orders from the available list and click on “Order Shipment” button as highlighted above. We have also provided an option to create shipment or invoice entry for multiple orders as well. Based on some of the important parameters we have written our logic to create an entry in Sage 300 ERP.
This provides comfort and easiness in completing his part of the job.
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