Control Display Format of Search Select Advanced fields in Sage CRM-II

By | October 19, 2015

In our earlier blog, we have explained how to Control Display Format for Person SSA field in Sage CRM. In this blog, we will explain how to format 2 fields and then display concatenated string within Search Select Advanced (SSA) fields.
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About field on Communication Entry screen by default displays Opportunity Description in SSA field as shown below.
Now, consider you need to display combination of Opportunity Code as well as Opportunity Description into SSA field as shown below.
SSA field format is controlled by below Translation entries in Sage CRM.
1. SS_DisplayFields
2. SS_DisplayFormat
To achieve the same, you need to follow below steps.
1. Login to Sage CRM using Admin user.
2. Navigate to Administration | Customization | Translations.
3. Click on New button and Enter Details to add SS_DisplayFields Translation entry.SSA_3
4. Click on Save button to save details.
5. Similarly do the entry for SS_DisplayFormat Translation entry.
That’s it. Now if you try to create Task/Appointment for an Opportunity, you will observe that About field will get displayed as formatted field. You can use above trick to any SSA field with the fields of your choice.

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