How to Change User-Select fields display format in Sage CRM?

By | September 19, 2016

You all must be familiar with the two different formats provided by Sage CRM for User-select field. But do you really know, on what specific criteria does this field’s data type changes or where it is basically configured in CRM?

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Well, the user-select field’s data type is mainly dependent on the number of active users enabled in CRM. Thus if there are relatively low number of active users in the system, then this field will appear in the form of a Drop down list as shown below.

1.Before User add

However, if you increase the number of active users in CRM you will find that the way the field is displayed changes eventually.

2.After adding user

This change in field’s data type is managed through the DropdownThreshold value set in table named ‘Custom_Sysparams’.
Below are few queries that will help you to find the number of active users in CRM as well as identify and modify the DropdownThreshold through backend.
1. You can verify the number of active users by running the following SQL:
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Users WHERE User_Deleted IS NULL AND User_Resource =’false’ AND User_Disabled IS NULL
2. The current DropdownThreshold value can be determined by running the following SQL:
SELECT Parm_Name, Parm_Value FROM Custom_SysParams WHERE Parm_Name =’DropdownThreshold’
3. To change the threshold value, execute the following SQL query. Here you can increase the threshold value as per your need.
UPDATE Custom_SysParams SET Parm_Value = 30 WHERE Parm_Name = ‘DropdownThreshold’
4. Once done, execute metadata refresh and check.

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