Restrict Users to create order if Credit Limit is exceeded

By | February 20, 2016

Our GUMU for Sage CRM – Sage 100 integration is link is real time bi-directional integration link. One of its exclusive feature is that it is a customizable link and we can customize GUMU to suite your company business process. Just to illustrate, we came across a scenario wherein a client came up with a requirement to restrict users to create order in Sage CRM if its CREDIT LIMIT is exceeded in SAGE 100. So, first we intend to determine whether a customer is out of Credit Limit or not.

New Stuff: Implementing Real time Product functionality

Below are the functionality which we provide,
1. We can monitor the customer’s credit limit by Aging Category only or the Customer’s Credit limit only, both, or none of these methods.
2. When invoices are entered, the system automatically identifies those customers whose credit limits are exceeded (On basis of calculating with AR Invoice, open invoices, aging).
3. On order entry screen, when a customer tries to promote order, before the default data gets loaded from Sage 100,it checks the CREDIT LIMIT exceed criteria. If exceeded, it displays a pop-up message with a warning.
4. If user click on OK button, it proceeds to load the default data and then normal order entry procedure executes .If click on CANCEL, order gets cancelled and page gets redirected to company summary screen.

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It prevents customer to create orders for which limit is already exceeded (This is the same functionality in Sage 100). We can implement the similar customization if any further requirement is observed.
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