Unable to add Person in External Attendees for Appointments

By | February 24, 2016

Communications being an essential part of every business demands to be tracked or maintained in efficient manner. One such prominent feature is of Sage CRM’s Communications entity which is available against every other entity such as Company, Person, and Opportunities etc. Another feature is of External Attendees functionality where we can maintain and manipulate the multi-person linked appointments very efficiently.

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Recently I scheduled an appointment for one particular company. Since the company record was linked with multiple people, I needed to add these person records too as External Attendees for the appointment scheduled. However I failed to do so for one record.

On comparing the previous external attendee’s record data with the last one, I found that there was no Business Email Address present in the third person record. I tried my luck and filled the business email address first and then tried to add it under External Attendee tab of the appointment.

imageBingo!!! I was successful in doing so. Above Image shows list of persons those email address is business.

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