Get Dropbox Event updates into Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard Gadget

By | February 29, 2016

Dropbox is a place where we love to keep or store our document, files and video so that we can view them anytime anyplace. Dropbox also make it super easy to share files with other peoples by just providing the Dropbox link to the other people using which people can directly download the file.
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A user can view all Dropbox events available in RSS format into Sage CRM and by displaying it in RSS Dashboard without any additional coding.
All you would need to do is create an RSS Feed Dashboard Gadget. Enter the RSS feed link and authentication to using the provided Dropbox credentials in the RSS Feed Gadget and you would be able to see something like this.
Now to find Dropbox RSS Feed Link User need to redirect to Dropbox Home Page >> Event folder.
Here you will find an RSS Symbol3 on click user will get the Link displayed. Copy the link and paste it in the Web Address field displayed in Gadget Wizard while creating the RSS Feed Gadget and enter the authentication Username and Password.
Dropbox RSS Feed link will be displayed in below format: [] 2
Adding the above Gadget will help you to keep track of the files that gets added into the Dropbox by you or by other user via Dropbox Plugins.